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Manufacturer of nozzle and hot air dryers

Welcome to Menschick Trockensysteme GmbH, your specialists for highly efficient hot air dryers.

We provide hot air dryers for printing and coating on web material, that are optimally tailored to your specific requirements. “Optimal” means that drying time, (dryer length), and energy consumption are as low as possible while perfect product quality is still ensured. Frequently, such dryers are called nozzle dryers or convective dryers.

Menschick nozzle dryers are operated all around the world. For example:

  • Drying tunnels for coating stations. Often such drying tunnels are called tunnel dryers, post dryers or horizontal dryers.

  • Print unit dryers or intermediate dryers, especially in flexo and rotogravure printing applications

You can either choose between hot air dryers with built-in drying air fan and air heater, or hot air dryers with external air supply and heating. For external supply we have specifically developed our hot air boxes for nozzle dryers. Particularly in the case of narrow space situations externally supplied dryers are a good choice.

We will gladly customize our special design convective dryers to your practicular needs.

For use in laboratory and product development we have engineered an R&D dryer that on the small scale works exactly as an impinging jet nozzle dryer on the scale of production plants. Thus, it is a highly interesting alternative to cabinet dryers, which are commonly used in laboratories.

For more than 45 years we have been our customer's partner in the field of engineering and manufacturing of convective drying systems. Based on our wide experience in nozzle and hot air dryers we have the know-how to provide innovative and advantageous drying solutions.

Menschick Trockensysteme GmbH produces individual drying systems e.g. for printing and converting of:

  • Packaging foils & films

  • Liquid packaging

  • Furniture films

  • Floor coverings

  • Wall papers

  • Adhesive tapes

  • Inkjet papers

  • and a lot more

During planning and realization of your projects we will gladly assist you with our expertise. Contact us without obligation. We will be pleased to provide advice!